Insurance for Oil & Gas Companies

International Insurance for Oil and Gas Companies

The cover you need if you are working in oil and gas
  • Personal Accident insurance – to cover death or Temporary Total Disablement or Permanent Total Disablement as a result of an accident or act of war or terrorism
  • Kidnap & Ransom insurance – essential for directly employed staff travelling to known kidnap areas
  • Medical cover to include illness, accident or act of war or terrorism including medical evacuation, repatriation and follow home cover as a result of illness, accident or act of war or terrorism
  • Cover for your assets from physical damage and political violence, terrorism and political risk.
  • Liability cover in conflict, post-conflict and far flung regions including Workers Compensation and Employers Liability and Comprehensive General Liability
  • Construction Liabilities, Contractors All Risks insurance and specialist environmental cover

Total protection for oil and gas companies

Cover is tailored for your profession due to the potentially hazardous nature of your work and the potentially remote locations in which you work both onshore and offshore. Production is often located in areas of civil unrest and your staff can often be at high risk of kidnap.

We can help advise you on all aspects of the insurance that you will require so contact us for more information.

Our knowledge will assist your tender

We are well versed in the cover that you will be required to hold in order to be contract compliant with your clients and have excellent relationships with insurers who can provide you with all the liability cover you may need to hold from Workers Compensation and Employers Liability cover to Comprehensive General Liability cover and Defense Base Act insurance when required to be purchased. Speak to us and we can help guide you through the insurance section of your contract document to ensure you have the right cover.

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